Doctorate in Business Administration

“The IAMA International Open University of Florida’s Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program in Managerial Science has been designed for a diversified student body: experienced business professionals who wish to translate corporate experience into senior leadership options, be it as a member of the executive team within their current organization or as a top competitor in other settings; individuals at any stage of their career who, beyond their completed Master’s level studies in Business or Management, are inspired to soar higher, to explore, examine and critically evaluate theories, applications, concepts, processes and conventions in new, creative ways; those who, already part of the world of higher education or headed in such direction, seek an appointment or professional advancement that the DBA is apt to facilitate; and those who, focused less on specific objectives, as conventionally defined, and more on the process of, and quest for, further growth and development, seek the learning experience that such a program promises to provide.

Whatever the personal or professional motivation, as part of a DBA cohort at the IAMA International Open University of Florida, students will engage with highly-qualified corporate executives and academic professionals alike who build upon each candidate’s established core skills and knowledge to develop a superior level of competence in managerial science. Sophisticated critical thinking skills will be honed via guided scholarly and practical enterprise, action research, complex problem-solving activities and analytical assessment of relevant case studies.

Developed with the input and insight of a broad-winged panel of experienced faculty members and leading business practitioners, the DBA program emphasizes advanced decision-making and leadership skills, in-depth knowledge of both theory and application, and the ability to manage positive social change. Throughout this educational journey, students will explore many of the greatest challenges and opportunities confronting business and leadership today, including, among others, globalization, ethics, and management of stakeholder relationships. Whatever one’s specific background or particular interests, the DBA candidate will develop the critical knowledge and practical skills required for success. Students will have ample opportunity to target specific areas of interest within the program setting and will ultimately be well prepared and well positioned for forward direction and upward mobility.

The DBA program, while academically rigorous, has been developed to foster the needs of active professionals who must balance the demands of career, family, and educational advancement. Moreover, IIOUF’s School of Business and Managerial Science welcomes and encourages students with diverse backgrounds and from all geographic locations, world-wide. In consequence of such diversity and cross-national emphasis, we are able to provide an enriched, value-added environment for expanded learning, one wherein global perspectives and multi-cultural exchange flourish. The largely a-synchronous delivery model (with synchronous, cohort-based components) affords an opportunity to those who, despite their qualifications and desire for doctoral-level studies, would not be able to pursue this option within the traditional academic setting. It is for this reason, too, that, unlike most programs, we require no time in residence, thereby eliminating the significant costs travel and inconvenience.

Those who are accepted into a doctoral cohort of the IAMA International Open University of Florida’s DBA program will embark on a “new intellectual journey.””