Bachelors of Science
(Information Technology)

IIOUF’s Bachelor’s in Science (Information Technology) is an intensive program focused on computer and technological areas; key theoretical concepts and practical applications; hardware and software; computing needs and solutions. Sub-fields explored include, among others, information systems, databases, analysis and design, software structures, computer graphics, operating systems, languages and diverse applications. Degree candidates must demonstrate professional competency in programming fundamentals, computer organization, technological architecture, networks and operating systems, algorithms, theory and computational mathematics. They must be prepared to apply computer competency to practical issues and to manifest a knowledge-base that allows for substantial adaptability.

The Bachelor’s of Science (Information Technology) program also offers a super-specialization in the area of Management Information System (MIS) for interested students

The program involves a rich mix of industry exposure with multiple projects over the four years of the program along with mandatory Graduate Thesis submission