Certificate Program in Information Technology

IIOUF offers a host of short and medium term certificate courses in the area of Information Technology and Allied Sciences. The courses are offered in collaboration with the university’s institutional and industry partners and involve a mix of theory and project.

The Certificate courses of IIOUF are immensely popular with the industry professionals who seek to up skill / upgrade themselves on lines with the changing industry needs. A lot of students from across the globe also take up the courses as an add-on to their existing degree courses.

Some of the more popular certificate courses include the ones on AI / ML, Big Data, Data Analytics, IOT, Digital Marketing and E Commerce, Marketing Analytics, UX Design, Data Science, Cyber-security Analyst, Data Warehouse, Mainframe Developer, Project Management, Mobile App Developer, Social Media Marketing etc

Each Certificate course supplements up to 1 – 4 credits of a semester and is reasonably priced between $200 – $500 per course