About Us

IAMA INTERNATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA (IIOUF) is a new age university established with the objective of providing world class American Higher Education globally. The founders of the university firmly believe that “Education is a Fundamental Right” and everyone should have the “Right to Education” without any discrimination. At the same time, they believe that the education imparted should be:

  • Qualitative
  • Affordable
  • Dynamic and Flexible
  • Inclusive
  • Borderless
  • Industry centric

The IIOUF motto, "सा विद्या या विमुक्तिये" (sa vidya ya vimuktaye)

The IIOUF motto, “सा विद्या या विमुक्तिये” (sa vidya ya vimuktaye) which is written in the ancient Sanskrit language and has been adopted from the ancient Hindu Text, the Vishnupuran means, “it is education that liberates”

On lines with its motto, IIOUF has adopted “Empowering Nations, Empowering Generations” as it’s Mission Statement. For any country to progress, it is important that the people of the country are educated, skilled and well informed. The educated, skilled and informed people play a very important role in nation building and shaping the future of the country, the benefits of which will be reaped by the generations to come. This of course is a continuous process where IIOUF would like to contribute

IIOUF operates on a hybrid model offering its programs including certificate courses, diplomas, bachelors and masters degrees and doctoral degrees online as well as offline through its Learning Centers set-up globally. The learning Centers operate as per set Standard Regulatory Framework and Quality Standards so as to ensure consistency in terms of the academic delivery as well as the award of degrees

IAMA International Open University of Florida is registered and recognized by the State of Florida and is currently accredited by EEQA. It also holds the Life Membership of International Academic and Management Association (IAMA). The University is currently working towards its accreditation with the State Department of Education in Florida and other accreditation bodies of repute

IIOUF prides itself as a New Age University with focus on extensive use of cutting edge technologies so as to ensure seamless and experiential academic delivery to the students. The university prides itself for having one of the best and most advanced Learning Management System developed by Coconut Learning, UK. The LMS allows for not only the academic content delivery for the students but also has an inbuilt online live classroom platform with recording facility, assessment platform with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Iris Tracking etc, Soft Skills Platform using AI etc to name a few. Additionally, the university is also in the process of implementing the Metaverse technology (AR / VR) for enhancing the student learning experience. 

While we have adopted the best in terms of the technology for the student learning experience, we have also ensured that the same is backed by world class educators and academic delivery leaders. Our university prides in having Nobel Prize nominees, Ivy League professors, renowned researchers etc as part of our academic delivery team

The academic delivery and assessment model of the university is based on the premise of Learning Outcomes and not the traditional assessment and examination methods. As a university, our aim is not to create simple graduates but competent human resources who can contribute to the industry of their choice from day one. Keeping this in mind, we give ample credit for industry experience and also all our courses have compulsory industry exposure components ranging from internships to industrial visits to corporate lectures and interactions. Every learning Center of the university has a Student Services Department to facilitate these activities. The Department also offers job placement support to the students who graduate from the university learning centers. Additionally, we encourage each of our Learning Center to promote the spirit of Entrepreneurship amongst the students and carry out various activities in this direction. Some of the Learning Centers also have an active Incubation Center where interested students can initiate their entrepreneurial journey